Our solutions for optimizing the Current Assets of our clients have as premises priority?  to improve the corporate clients balance sheet supporting their business expansion plans in a healthy and balanced way, by :

  1. Reducing the burden of the accounts’ receivables of the balance sheet.
  2. Access to immediate liquidity through the discount of their receivables.
  3. Cover the insolvency risk of their debtors.
  4. Improving their financial ratios.
  5. Optimizing the treasury cash management.

Current Assets Solutions for Customers

We accelerate the corporates cash conversion cycle, converting the accounts receivables in cash in an agile and flexible way, with the ability to analyze transactions in a very short period.

Our philosophy is to analyze transactions and not balance sheets when it comes to financing the corporate clients’ current assets.

We help our corporate customers to grow faster and increase their turnover without having to worry about the terms of payment . Furthermore  we facilitate  the access to the funding needs to support the fast growth,  without putting  the company’s liquidity at risk.

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their goals in the right way, facilitating their growth and growing together with them.

Current Assets Solutions for Suppliers

We strengthen the negotiating capacity of our clients when dealing with their suppliers.

We help companies to buy more and plan their treasury, extending their payment terms, without harming the financial needs of their suppliers (the suppliers of our clients can convert their invoices into cash at any time, in a fast way without increasing their leverage, without the need to use their banking facilities)